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A peep through the dogwoods.

We picked black windows to contrast with the logs.

Main hand hewn beam over great room with loft behind.

The 8 x 12 main beam is a 30 foot long section of douglas fir, known for it's strength.

Room with a view.

The sub contractor who did this trim work did a real shitty job.  The windows were out of plum and the trim work was terrible.  We demanded that it be dismantled and re-done.  Our builder had to reset each window and mortise the trim into the existing logs. 


The red radiant heat tubing on the right will heat different grids on the main floor.  Gas and electric are also contained and maintained in the climate control room. 


Warm spring days have turned the hollow into paradise.  Red buds and dogwoods grace the canopy while the sound of the brook bubbles and rushes towards the Potomac. A far distant train whistle echoes from Pinto's limestone walls and mingles with a wood thrush's warble. 

The windows to our cabin are installed and the floor is poured. Radiant heat will soothe our tired bones after outdoor activities. The large beam and trusses add a rustic feel to the great room.


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