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The first day.

Once the crew gets going, it doesn't take long for the walls to go up.

The entrance.

Someday we'll sleep here.

The beauty of the dove tail.

The beginning of our great room view.


As bitter temperatures freeze the January landscape, the crew begins the arduous task of assembling the walls.  Each 6 x 12 log was lifted and assembled by hand.  

Each log fits together in a double tongue and groove configuration with a double weather striping seal, liquid adhesive, lag bolts and spikes.

All our logs were kiln dried at the Crockett Log Home facility.  This removes the moisture content and kills any insect larva that may be living within the pine log.

Each log comes from the heart of one tree.

Many of the logs in a log home will form cracks on the surface.  This is called checking and is inherent in all logs.  If you don't like or want checking, then you don't want a log home.  We feel this adds character to the log itself.

The chinking, staining and preserving of the white pine logs, both inside and out, will take place near the end of construction.


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