We're getting there!
Kathy's dream kitchen is almost finished.
A fun island to gather around and watch the Queen cook.
KEEP IT SIMPLE???...yea...right???
A few of Brent's watercolors are now finding a home on the log wall.
Who's sitting in MY CHAIR??????
View from the loft.
Deer antler chandelier and the moose my Grandfather shot in Canada back in the 1950's.
(July 4, 2009) 

Great stories and interesting blogs have to have drama, right?  And our log cabin in Billy Goat Hollow is no exception.

Progress has been so very slow to date due to our X contractor and all of his problems.  That left Kathy and I with no other alternative then to fire him and move on.  Broken promises, lies, roof leaks, poor craftsmanship were only a small part of the reason we said goodbye, not to mention that he failed to pay his major sub contractors with the money we gave him, and finally declaring bankruptcy. After further investigation, we've learned that this was the third time he's been kicked off his own building projects and his reputation continues to diminish in Western Maryland.

Our last draw due to him was withheld and all is back to normal, now, with a wonderful and respected man named Walter "Doc" Merrill stepping in and guiding us on the remaining work to be done.

Secondly, our only wish is that other couples who have a log home dream are not domestically eviscerated by this disappointing individual.  He's an independent representative and contracts for Crockett Log Homes of New Hampshire, which is a shame, since we have no quarrel with the log home company itself.  

The good news is that things are finally moving along and we are almost moved in.  Both Kathy and I have been working many hours over the last few weekends trying to make our log cabin a home. 


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