To enlarge photo, right click on photo then go to "view image" in the drop down menu. The house footprint

The foundation and conduit are complete, but the fireplace still needs stone work.  Our contractor will create for us a warm and enjoyable fireplace.

One hundred and sixty feet down and 6 gallons per minute flow of fresh mountain spring water.....that's not bad.  Brenneman Well Drilling does excellent work and advised us throughout the well drilling process.

Go ahead Kathy... eat one of those "shrooms",....I dare ya!

Early October: Wildlife abounds here.  Cumberland Times News Outdoor writer and good friend Mike Sawyers tags a fat doe within bow shot of our building site.  Delicious venison backstraps will grace the Sawyers dinner table tonight.


Summer 2007 arrives and the block and construction for the foundation and our grand fireplace begins. Once the walls and roof are up, the stone will be laid against the block facade.

The conduit is run from the road across the hollow where our phone and electrical connections tap in. The route to the house crosses a creek so guidelines had to be met by the state of Maryland in order to complete this excavation.  The creek was damned and the water was diverted around the excavation in order to adhere to environmental standards.  For those of you building a home in the Maryland woods, you may want to keep this in mind.


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