Kathy and Happy stand in the entrance to our log home.

View from the loft.

The granite we picked for the counter tops is called Forest Green.  It actually looks like a forest and has every color of every season in the grain.  The Island top (bottom photo) is a sister piece called Forest Brown.  All four slabs are being fabricated by Design Surfaces Unlimited in Frederick, Maryland and should be ready to install by mid November.



October 10, 2008
The staining of our exterior logs has begun and tan colored chinking will be applied between the logs shortly. Kitchen cabinets are built and are ready for delivery. Engineered hardwood flooring will be here by months end and the mechanicals have passed inspection.

Our antler chandelier has arrived and Kathy found an old green garage/dock light that we'll install over our kitchen sink.  A rusted old iron gate hung horizontally from the kitchen beams will become our pot rack. (photos to come)

We're scrambling to find a front door.  Kathy wants red and I want a walnut finish.  I think I may win this one!

Our early American style bathroom is complete thanks to the expert designers at Woodrow & Reedy.  Kohler lighting appointed in a Moon & Star motif along with early American rough cut wood paneling graces the walls. Hardwood seating and an additional state of the art library bin holds numerous literary works.


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